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Follow the instructions below to view task alerts via the CDP Interface.

1. Open the Web browser connecting to the CDP Server Web Interface and log in. (See [CDP3:Accessing Standard Edition Web Interface], [Accessing Enterprise Edition Web Interface], [CDP3:Accessing Advanced Edition Web Interface].)


21. Click on "Task History" in the Main Menu to open the "Task History" screen.
|| Standard Edition || Advanced Edition || Enterprise Edition ||
| !task-hist-st.png! | !main-menu-hist.png! | !main-ent.png! |
32. In the "Task History" list, find the Task you need and click it.
{info:title=Tip}To find a Task, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [Customizing the Task History List|].

43. Select the "Alerts" tab in the Details pane.


54. The "Alerts" tab informs users that the current course of action could be in some way dangerous or detrimental. In the following example, you are alerted the process of quota check ran with errors.

{info:title=Tip}The Task results can be sent via email as a Report. See [Reporting].
65. To view the associated log messages, click on the "Plus" sign next to the alert.


76. The log message is shown under the alert.