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The authentication between CDP Agent and CDP Server is based on RSA keys. The first time the CDP Server starts, it generates a new RSA Public and Private Key. To communicate with the CDP Server, the Agent must have the CDP Server's Public Key.

Following options of the {color:#fd4703}{*}[#r1soft-setup|r1soft-setup]{*}{color} tool allow to manage keys:

* *\--get-key <url>* \- Retrieves a key from a CDP server. For this option to work, the Server should be up and accessible from the Agent via the network.
* *\--remove-key <name>* \- Removes a key. "Key" is the IP address or URL of the CDP Server.
* *\--list-keys* \- Lists all installed keys.
* *\--stdin-key* \- Enters a key from stdin.
* *\--key-filename <name>* \- The name of the key file. Generated if none specified.

See examples of these options usage on following pages:
* [Adding the Server Key to Linux Agent]
* [Viewing Server Keys Installed on Linux Agent]
* [Uninstall the Server Key from Linux Agent]
* [Resetting Public Key]

{excerpt:hidden=true}General information about encryption keys. Instructions on how to add the server key, remove the server key, and view the server key on Linux Agent.{excerpt}