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To upgrade the Linux CDP Agent to version 3.18.2, log in to the server and perform the following steps.
* Make sure you have a backup of the CDP installation directory before upgrading.
* Make sure that on upgrade from 2.x, the target machine is rebooted before installing 3.18.2.
1. Run the following commands:

{code}# apt-get update{code}

{code}# apt-get upgrade{code}

2. Type "Y" to allow the system to use additional disk space.

{info:title=Tip}The upgrade process can take some time because the above command upgrades all of the obsolete packages, not just the CDP Agent.{info}

3. After the upgrade is complete, execute the following command to make sure that version 3.18.2 has been installed:

{code}dpkg -l | grep r1soft{code}

{info:title=Note}When you upgrade, Task History for completed tasks will be purged. This change fixes several memory issues with the server.
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to upgrade Linux Agent to 3.18.2 on Debian and Ubuntu. {excerpt}