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You may be informed by email about new version releases of R1Soft software. New versions are improved by bug fixes and new/reworked functionality. All enhancements made to the product are documented in the *release notes*. Release notes are usually a brief summary of recent changes, enhancements, and bug fixes in a particular software release.
{info:title=Note} You can view the release notes here: [Release Notes].
We assume that you have a server running Linux CDP Enterprise Edition 3.18.1 or an earlier version and that you used the automatic method to install the server so that the CDP packages repository is already added to the configuration. You can read about how to configure the CDP packages repository in [this document|].
R1Soft products follow this format for version numbers: MAJOR.MINOR.MAINTENANCE. Pre-release downloads ALWAYS have a version number that has an ODD MINOR number, e.g., 3.*{+}6{+}*.0. Stable downloads ALWAYS have a version number with an EVEN MINOR number, e.g., 3.*{+}18{+}*.1.
{note:title=Notice}To upgrade the CDP Server, you do *not* need to uninstall the previous version. It is safe to upgrade the Linux CDP Server on an active, running server. After the upgrade is complete, a reboot is not required. All your licenses, settings, added Hosts, etc. will remain unchanged.

For detailed instructions for your Linux distribution, refer to the following pages:

* [Upgrading Enterprise Edition on CentOS, RHE and Fedora]
* [Upgrading Enterprise Edition on Debian and Ubuntu]

Proceed to the next steps:
* [CDP3:Configuring Enterprise Edition on Linux]
* [Configuring Heap Memory]\\
{info:title=Note}After you upgrade, the Task History for completed tasks will be purged. {info}

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to upgrade CDP Server Enterprise Edition to 4.0 version on Linux.{excerpt}