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A *Device* is a Host's data storage eligible for replication. One or several Devices of a Host can be assigned to one Disk Safe. Each Recovery Point contains information about changes on all enabled Devices assigned to the Disk Safe.


For example, Windows Host can have the following Devices. All, or some of them, can be selected to be backed up:
* {{Disk C:}}
* {{Disk D:}}

Linux Host device example:
* {{/dev/sda1}}

The Devices can have the following properties, see the descriptions in [Accessing Devices]:
* *State*
* *Mount Point*
* *Last Device Path*, *Device Path*
* *Content Type*
* *Content Id*
* *Size*
* *Block Size *
* *Total Blocks*
* *Allocated Blocks* 
* *Initial Replica Completed*
* *Last Completed Synch*
* *Last Synch Type*

The following actions are available to the Devices within the CDP:
* *Add*
* *Access*
* *Disable*
* *Remove*


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