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After a backup is performed, data is stored in a created [Recovery Point|Control Panel Users Vocabulary]. There are three ways for you to restore or access your files:

# Restore selected files to their original location.
# Download files to local computer and upload files via FTP to web site (control panel {{home}}). See [Downloading Your Control Panel Backup to Local Computer].
# Send a TAR or ZIP containing selected or all files to control panel {{home}} directory. See [Sending Your Control Panel Account Backup to Control Panel Home].

This topic describes the *first* option. Follow the instructions below to restore selected files.

{info:title=Tip}The instructions are for control panel end users. {info}

1. Access the R1Soft CDP web interface. For more information, refer to:
* [Accessing Your Account Backups via Direct Link]
* [Accessing Your Account Backups via cPanel Plugin]

2. You will see a list of Recovery Points in which your user data is stored.


{info:title=Note}You can access only the files you own. You cannot restore files owned by other users or root files.

3. Click the "Browse" icon to choose the files you want to restore.


4. Check the boxes that correspond to the files you want to restore.

{info:title=Note}Users are permitted to restore only their own files. {info}


5. Click the "Restore Selected" button.


6. The "Restore Files" window appears. Click "Restore."


7. The process is shown in the "Summary" tab of the "Details for Restore Files" window.


After the restore process is completed, you can see successfully and unsuccessfully restored files in the "Files Restored" tab.

{info:title=Tip} Click the plus sign to see a file's details.
{info}{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions for Control Panel users on how to restore files they own.{excerpt}