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{note:title=Notice}For Server Backup Manager 5.2.x and later, you must upgrade the components in the following order or your backups may fail:
* Data Center Console (if applicable)
* Backup Manager
* Backup Agent

To upgrade Linux Backup Manager to version 5.x, log in to the server and perform the following steps.

1. Run the following command:

{code}yum install serverbackup-enterprise{code}

2. Type "y" and press <Enter> to allow the system to use additional disk space.

Alternatively, you can use this command:

{code}yum update {code}

4. After the upgrade is complete, execute the following command to make sure that version 5.x has been installed:

{code}rpm -qa | grep serverbackup {code}

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to upgrade Server Backup Manager on CentOS, RHE and Fedora.{excerpt}