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{note:title=Notice}For Server Backup 5.2.x and later, you must upgrade the components in the following order or your backups may fail:
* Data Center Console (if applicable)
* Backup Manager
* Backup Agent

To upgrade the Backup Manager to version 5.x on Linux, log in to the server and perform the following steps.
Make sure you have a backup of Backup Manager installation directory before upgrading.
1. Run the following command:

{code}apt-get upgrade{code}

2. Press Enter to allow the system to use additional disk space.

3. The upgrade process can take some time because the above command upgrades all of the obsolete packages, not just the Backup Manager.
4. After the upgrade is complete, execute the following command to make sure that version 5.x has been installed:
{code}dpkg -l | grep serverbackup{code}

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to upgrade Server Backup Manager on Debian and Ubuntu.{excerpt}