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Deleting a report permanently removes the entire report from Server Backup Manager
{warning}You cannot undo the delete report action once performed.
*To delete a report:*

1. In the Main menu, click *Reporting*. Server Backup Manager displays the reporting window.

2. Click the Delete (red X) icon under Actions for the corresponding report in the list, as shown in the following image.

!Reports list_Delete icon_English.png!

SBM displays a confirmation message.

3. Click *Delete* to confirm. SBM removes the report from the system and no longer display the information in the Reports list.

h4. Deleting multiple reports at once through bulk deletion

Follow the instructions below to delete multiple Reports at once.

1. Select several Reports by selecting their corresponding checkboxes in the first column in the "Reports" list.

!Reports list_Bulk selection_English.png!

2. Click on "Delete Selected" in the list toolbar.

!Reports list_Bulk selection_Delete Selected_English.png!

3. Confirm your request to delete the Reports by clicking on "Delete" in the confirmation window.


4. The Reports will disappear from the "Reports" list.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to delete a report in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}