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Server Backup Manager allows you to protect MySQL installed on the server including the following objects:
* Databases
* Tables
* Indexes
* Constraints
* Triggers
* Events
* Views
* Stored procedures

The MySQL system requirements and supported versions/editions can be found in [System Requirements - Databases|System Requirements - Databases].

The following Backup Manager interface elements help you protect your MySQL:

* The MySQL tab in the Policy window
* The MySQL tab in the Task History
* The *MySQL* action in the Recovery Points list

Here is a collection of pages devoted to protecting MySQL databases.
* [Add a MySQL instance to a policy]
* [Add a MySQL instance to a policy on a PVC container]
* [Enabling and Disabling a MySQL Instance|Enable and disable a MySQL instance]
* [Editing a MySQL Instance|Edit a MySQL instance]
* [Browsing a MySQL Instance|Browse MySQL instances]
* [Deleting a MySQL Instance|Delete a MySQL instance]
* [Testing a MySQL Instance Connection|Test MySQL instance connection]
* [Allowing Remote Connections to a MySQL Instance|Allow remote connections to a MySQL instance]
* [Best practices for MySQL instance restore]
* [Restore a MySQL database to the original location]
* [Restore a MySQL database to an alternate location]

{excerpt:hidden=true}General information about protecting MySQL databases in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}