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The Configuration window in Server Backup Manager provides general information about your environment as well as a number of options and settings to help you get the most out of your installation. you can access all of the functions you need to manager your configuration by clicking *Configuration* in he Main menu. You can also access the Configuration area directly by appending the {{/Configuration/}} folder to the Backup Manager address in your Web browser address bar, such as [|]. Note that the address is case sensitive. The following image provides an example of the manual change to access the Configuration area.

The Configuration window includes the following areas:
* *Configuration menu*. Provides access to options and settings that you can manage in the Settings area.
* *Settings area*. Provides the detail for the selection made in the Configuration menu.
* *Main menu*. Provides simple, one-step navigation to other areas of Server Backup Manager.

The following image highlights the different areas of the Configuration window.

!Configuration window_English.png!

h3. Using the Configuration menu

The options in the Configuration menu include:

* *Agent Options*. See [Reset the public key].
* *Manager Options*. See [Configure Manager Options].
* *Language Settings*. See [Configure Language Settings].
* *Task Scheduler*. See [Access Task Scheduler].
* *Web Server Options*. See [Configure Web Server Options].
* *API Server Options*. See [Configure API Server Options].
* *Database Drivers*. See [Install MySQL Connector JDBC into Server Backup].
* *Manager Information*. See [View Manager Information].
* *License Information*. See [View License Information].
* *Product Features*. See [Configure Product Features].
* *LDAP Authentication*. See [Configure user authentication].

h3. Using the Settings area

Provides access to the options for the selected menu item.

!Settings Area_English.png|width=713,height=819!

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to access and use the Configuration screen in the Backup Manager.{excerpt}