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h3. Linux Installations

You can define a _username_ and _password_ for the Backup Manager Web Interface before you can begin using the Free Backup Manager.
{code}serverbackup-setup --user DESIRED_USERNAME --pass DESIRED_PASSWORD{code}
After running you will see output similar to:
{code}serverbackup-setup --user admin --pass r1soft
Server username and password set
The Idera Server Backup Manager must be restarted for these changes to take effect
Use '/etc/init.d/cdp-server restart' to restart.{code}


Then restart the Backup Manager. See [Restart Backup Manager].

h3. Windows Installations

Using the "Reset User" function you can:
* Change the password of the existing Backup Manager [user|Manage users and groups] without entering the old password.
* Create a new user account for the Windows Backup Manager.

Follow the instructions below to use the "Reset User" function in [Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility|About Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility].
1. Run the Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility by going to Start > (All) Programs > Idera Server Backup > Backup Manager Configuration Utility.

!Configuration Utility in Windows Start Menu_Enterprise_NO AGENT WAS INSTALLED_2_English.png!

2. Select the "Credentials" tab. This tab is shown by default.
|| Free Edition | !Backup Manager Configuration Utility_Advanced_Credentials tab_shortened_English.png!\\ ||
|| Enterprise Edition | !Configuration Utility window_Credentials tab_shortened_English.png!\\ ||
3. Fill in the following fields:
* *Username* \- Enter login name of the existing user to reset the password. Enter a new login name to create a new user.
* *Password* \- Enter a password for the user account.
* *Verify* \- Repeat the password.

!Configuration Utility window_Credentials tab_fields outlined_English.png!

4. Click the "Apply" button to save the changes.

!Credentials_changed_Apply button_English.png!

5. Once the user is reset successfully, you will see the confirmation message. Click "OK."

!Successfully set credentials_after Apply clicked_English.png!

6. Now you must restart the Backup Manager service for your changes to take effect. See [Restart Backup Manager].

See also:
* [Configure user options]
* [Add users]
* [Edit user account properties]\\ {excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to reset user password or create a new Backup Manager user using the Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility.{excerpt}