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You can use the "Enterprise Agent" installer to install the Backup Agent on Windows. The Backup Agent installer is a typical Windows installer application. Once you have [obtained|Obtain Windows Backup Agent] the Backup Agent installation file, follow the instructions given below to install the Backup Agent.

The Backup Agent can also be installed during the initial startup and usage of the Backup Manager. See [ServerBackup:Get started].

{info:title=Note} Windows installers will support English, Japanese, and Spanish. End-users cannot add installation support for additional languages. The language chosen during the installation will NOT become Backup Manager's default user language.

1. Log on to the Windows server as a member of the local Administrators group.
{note:title=Notice}The user account must have the "Log On as Service" permission to start the Backup Agent service automatically.
2. Extract the files from the archive. Navigate to the directory where you saved the "Enterprise Edition" or "Enterprise Agent" installation file. The Backup Agent installer will have the following attributes:

*For a 32-bit system:*
* File name -
* File size - 31.8 MB

*For a 64-bit system:*
* File name -
* File size - 53.1 MB

{info:title=Note}The "Enterprise Agent" installer package contains only the Backup Agent software and is a much smaller package.

3. Double-click the file from the archive.


4. Verify the destination and click on the "Install" button to extract files.


5. Wait while the files are extracted.


6. Click "Install Backup Agent" in the opened window.

!Enterprise_Agent_Install Backup Agent_English.png!

7. The "Server Backup Agent Installer" window will open. Click "Next."


8. You must agree to the following license agreement. Read it to the end, select the "I accept ..." check-box, and click "Next."


9. The installer will check your system for possible problems. It is strongly recommended that you ensure all tests have a "Pass" status. You can repeat the tests by clicking the "Test" button. Click "Next" to go to the next screen.

You can find the full list of requirements here: [ServerBackup:Server Backup Manager System Requirements]

If one or several requirements are not met, then an explanation will be displayed in the "Message" column. For such configurations, proceeding with the installation is not recommended.

Possible values for the "Status" column are "Pass," "Not Recommended," and "Fail."

If possible, correct the configuration and click "Test" again.

10. On the next screen, choose the installation directory for the Backup Agent. It is safe to leave the default location untouched. However, you can install the Backup Agent to another directory if, for example, you do not have enough free space on disk C. Click "Next" to continue.


11. The configuration is complete. Click "Next" to start the installation process.


12. The installation process will start.


13. Once the process has been completed, the following message will appear. Click the "Yes" button to reboot your machine for *proper* Backup Agent functioning. To postpone the reboot process and perform some additional activities, click the "No" button.


14. To complete the installation, click "Finish" in the displayed window.


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