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h2. Installing the Backup Agent

Server Backup users can utilize the remote deployment feature when installing the Backup Agent, or they can install the Agent locally. The following methods allow you to deploy the Agent:

* *Deploy remotely*. On the _Protected Machines_ screen, click the _Actions_ icon for the agent you want to deploy and select *Deploy Agent Software*. The _Remote Agent Deployment_ window displays.  You can also select the *Deploy agent software now* check box when adding a new machine on the _New Machine_ page. [Click here|ServerBackupManager:Backup Now] for more information.
* *Install locally*. Download the Backup Agent installation file and run it manually on the server machine.

For detailed instructions on how to install the Backup Agent, refer to the following pages:

* [Install Backup Agent on CentOS, RHE, and Fedora manually]
* [Install Backup Agent on Debian and Ubuntu manually]

Users of Linux kernel versions 3.10\+ will need use pre-compiled modules. Pre-compiled kernel modules can be found here: []. The module version string must match that of your running kernel.

Place pre-compiled modules in the following directory: */lib/modules/r1soft*

Restart the cdp-agent in order to load and initialize the Backup Agent. Use the following command to restart: */etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart*

General information about installing the Backup Agent on Linux.{excerpt}