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Detaching a [Disk Safe|Disk Safes] deletes the Disk Safe configuration from Server Backup Manager. All configured tasks and historical task information is lost, but the Disk Safe and all backed up data remains on the disk and the Disk Safe folder is maintained.
{info:title=Note}You can only detach closed (disabled) Disk Safes.
Use the following steps to detach a Disk Safe in Server Backup Manager.

1. In the Main Menu, click *Settings* and then *Disk Safes*.

2. Close the Disk Safes you want to detach. [Click here|ServerBackupManager:Close Disk Safes] for more information about closing Disk Safes.

3. After closing, you can safely detach the Disk Safe by clicking the corresponding _Actions_ icon and selecting *Detach Disk Safe*. !Disk Safes - Detach.png|border=1!
{info:title=Tip}To find a Disk Safe, you can use the Search function and Advanced List Filters.
4. Confirm your request to detach the Disk Safe by clicking *Detach* in the displayed confirmation window.

!Detach Disk Safe window.png|border=1!

5. The Disk Safe is detached and no longer displays in the _Disk Safes_ list. 

h2. Bulk Removal{anchor:bulk}

Using the Bulk Removal, you can detach multiple Disk Safes at once.

1. Select several closed Disk Safes by selecting the corresponding check boxes in the first column in the _Disk Safes_ list. Then click the Detach Selected button. !Disk Safes - Detach Selected.png|border=1!
2. Confirm your request to detach the Disk Safes by clicking the *Detach* button in the displayed confirmation window.

!Detach Disk Safe window - multiple.png|border=1!

3. The Disk Safes are detached and no longer display in the _Disk Safes_ list.

You can also detach Disk Safes using the "Disk Safes" tab of the Server "Details" Pane. This screen provides the same functionality as the main "Disk Safes" screen. See more information in [Access Protected Machines].

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to detach Disk Safe configuration but leave all backed up data on disk in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}