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Before you can begin protecting and restoring MySQL databases, you will need to add the MySQL Connector/JDBC (also known as MySQL Connector/J) to your Server Backup Manager installation.

Use the following steps to install this file into your Server Backup Manager environment.

1. Download the connector from the MySQL website: []

2. Follow the instructions for registration or log in.


Alternatively, skip registration by clicking on the link labeled "No thanks, just start my download."

3. Then you will be provided with the needed mirror links. Download and save the file to a temporary directory or known location.

!mysql connector saving_English.png!

4. Extract the Zip or Tar archive in the location you download the file.

5. Look in the newly created directory for a file called {{mysql-connector-java-5.X.X-bin.jar}}. This is the file you need.

6. Log on to the Backup Manager Web-based User Interface. (See [Access Server Backup Manager web interface].)

!Backup Manager login form_English.png!

7. Click on "Configuration" in the Main Menu to open the "Configuration" window.

8. Click "Database Drivers" from the "Configuration" sub-menu.

9. You will now see the MySQL Database Driver showing a red status meaning it has not yet been installed. Click the "Upload" button next to the red status.

!Database Drivers_upload button_English.png!

10. Click the "Browse" button to locate the MySQL connector file.

!mysql file upload_browse button_English.png!

11. Locate the MySQL connector .jar file from your extracted Zip or Tar archive.

!mysql-connector-java-5.1.22-bin.jar file selected_English.png!

12. The mysql connector file mysql-connector-java-5.X.X-bin.jar should now be displayed in the file upload dialogue. Now click "Upload".

!mysql file upload_upload button_English.png!

13. If you selected and uploaded a valid MySQL database connector .jar file you will now see the upload was successful.

!mysql database driver uploaded_English.png!

14. After clicking "OK" on the upload successful message box, you will see the MySQL database driver has a green status. You are now ready to begin adding a MySQL database instance to your Data Protection Policy.

!mysql database driver status_green_English.png!

The following steps are described in [Add a MySQL instance to a policy].
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to add the MySQL Connector to your Server Backup Manager installation.{excerpt}