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{info:title=Note}The lowest possible backup frequency for all the Disk Safes assigned to a Volume is defined in Volume properties (Volume properties window !arrow.gif! "Limits" tab !arrow.gif! "Options" section !arrow.gif! "Backup limit" option).
Starting with SBM 6 the policy is part of the disk safe, or  the policy is now integral to the backup.   This change provides for easy backup manager recovery including all backup settings simply by restoring an offsite copy of the disk safe or importing the volume to a new backup manager.
Follow the instructions below to edit a backup policy.

1. From the Protected Machines screen, select Edit Policy on the actions for the desired protected machine(Open Policy is view only). !EditPolicy.PNG|border=1,width=829,height=500!

2. In the Backup Schedule section you schedule when and how often the backup task will run for this protected machine you can select any one of,
* On Demand, launch the backup from the protected machine's action menu as needed.

* Minutely, set how many minutes between backup tasks. 

* Hourly, with the minute of each hour to start the backup task. 

* Daily with hour(s) of the day.

Weekly, with start time and day(s) of the week to launch the backup task. 
* Monthly with start time and day(s) of the month to launch the backup task.

* Yearly with start time, day of the month, and months of the year to launch the backup task.

3.  In the Local Retention section you can set how many recovery points to keep based on recovery point age.  Recovery points that match this setting are also called retention points.   The setting will be as granular as the backup schedule.   

So in our example above we will keep

* the last 12 hourly backups
* the last backup of the last 7 days(last backup to complete before midnight)
* the last backup of the last day of the week(Saturday) for the previous 4 weeks
* the last backup of the last day of the month for the previous 12 months.
* the last backup of the last day of the previous year 

4. In the Archive section you can set the schedule for the offsite archive.   The retention options are one less granular than the backup schedule and the archive task is triggered when the setting matches with the last backup.