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The Backup Manager fails to fully start following an upgrade, reboot, or restart of the cdp-server service.
The latest entry in server.log shows :
{code}2020-01-01 12:00:00,000 INFO - Storage Cache Service starting{code}

This behavior can happen when the cdp-server service is restarted while a disk safe is in a state of rolling back transactions. To prevent this from occurring, place the Backup Manager in Maintenance Mode, and allow all running transactions to complete before rebooting, or restarting the cdp-server service.

To correct this issue, start the Backup Manager with all disk safes closed, locate the disk safe that is preventing the  Backup Manager from fully starting, and address the disk safe(s) in question.

1. *_[Start the Backup Manager with all disk safes closed.|kb3:How to start the Backup Manager with all disk safes closed]_*

2. *{_}Locate the problematic disk safe that's preventing the Backup Manager from fully starting{_}{*}*.*
A. (After starting the SBM with all disk safes closed)… Click _Settings_ \-> _Disk Safes_
B. Open each disk safe by checking the box, and clicking "Open Selected". (Multiple disk safes can be selected)
C. You will eventually find one (or more) that fails to open. You may need to hit F5 to refresh the screen.
D. Click > to expand the disk safe in question.
E. Note the path for each disk safe that fails to open

3. *{_}Correct the issue and open the disk safe._*
A. For each disk safe identified in the last step… navigate to the disk safe path you previously noted in Step 2-E.
B. Change directories to the Metadata2 folder
C. Type "ls \-l" and look for any files ending with ".rollback"
D. Delete the .rollback file, or rename the file to XXXXX.rollback-old 
E. Try again to open the Disk Safe through the UI. (No restart necessary)
F. Repeat for each disk safe that fails to open normally.