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{color:windowtext}At times it may be necessary to download the R1Soft Backup Agent's logs when login access to the Protected Machine is not available. {color}
In this case it is possible to download a copy of the R1Soft Backup Agent's cdp.log directly to the Backup Manager. 
{note}{color:windowtext}NOTE: This feature will only download a copy of the cdp.log, which only contains information relative to the backup process. It will not retrieve system logs for use in system-level troubleshooting. If system logs are needed for troubleshooting, the script must be executed directly to gather system info. {color}{color:windowtext} {color}{note}

h3. {color:windowtext}Step 1: Configure the Backup Manager's log download directory.{color}

{color:windowtext}Navigate to Advanced Options \-> Manager Options{color}

{color:windowtext}Enter the desired path in the "Log Msgs Download Path" field.{color}


{color:windowtext}This path can be set to any folder on the Backup Manager. However, it may be useful to set the path to the main Backup Manager log directory (as shown in the screenshot above), if you intend to submit the full SBM logs to support. {color}

h3. {color:windowtext}Step 2: Download the Agent Logs:{color}

{color:#000000}Navigate to Protected Machines \-> Use the gear icon in the "Actions" column to open the actions menu. {color}

{color:#000000}Choose "Download Log Messages"{color}


{color:#000000}After downloading the log messages, you will see the "Transfer Protected Machine Logs" task appear in the Task History.  Note the full path where the logs are downloaded under "Transfer Details".{color}

h3. {color:#000000}Step 3: Retrieve the log file for use in troubleshooting{color}

{color:windowtext}The path to the logs will use the following naming convention: : {color}{color:windowtext} {color}
{code}Log Msgs Download Path/Logs-For-<Protected Machine>-D/Y/H/M/{code}

{color:windowtext}The logs are saved as a .zip archive. Extract the archive to access the cdp.log file within.{color}