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The CDP Server can not create a directory:
Could not create disk safe directory at \\\rpiabk1\cdp
Typically, this issue is caused by the CDP Server Windows Service running as Local System User by default. Local System User likely does not have permission to write to the network share.

During installation, the installer requests you to select a user to run the CDP Server as. You have to specify a domain user (or user that has permission to the share).

To change the user to run the CDP Server as, follow the instructions below.
{info:title=Tip}You can do the same operation using the Windows Configuration Utility. See [CDP:Configuring CDP Server "Run Service As" Account] (Continuous Data Protection 3.0 Documentation).
*1. Access the Windows Services window.*

You can select Start !arrow.gif! Control Panel !arrow.gif! Administrative Tools !arrow.gif! Services.




Or alternatively, you can select Start !arrow.gif! Run...


And then type "services.msc" and click "Open."


*2. Change the CDP Server service to log on as an account that has permission to access the network share.*

First, find the "R1Soft CDP Server" item in the "Services" application. Right-click it and select the "Properties" item from the context menu.


In the "R1Soft CDP Server Properties" window, switch to the "Log On" tab.


In the "Log On" window, select a suitable user account. Enter the appropriate Password and click "OK."


*3. Restart the CDP Server service.*

Right-click the "R1Soft CDP Server" service and select "Restart" from the context menu.