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For security reasons, CDP Agent accepts connections only from known CDP Servers. To authorize a CDP Server to CDP Agent, you must add the CDP Server's public key to Agent's configuration.

To add the Server's key to the Agent's configuration using the Command Line Interface (CLI) tools, follow the instructions below.

1. Run the following command on the Agent machine:
{code}#r1soft-setup --get-key [Server_URL]{code}
{info:title=Note} The {color:blue}\--get-key{color} function downloads the Key from the Server. For this option to work, the Server should be up and accessible from the Agent via the network.

To add a Server with IP address to the list of Servers known to the Agent, run the {color:blue}r1soft-setup \--get-key{color} {color:blue}[]{color} command.
{info:title=Note} The {color:blue}\--get-key{color} function also accepts https:// URLS.
Once the Server Key has been added, requests from the CDP Server should be accepted.

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{excerpt:hidden=true}To allow a CDP Server to connect to your Linux Agent to perform Backups, you must first add a Key for the CDP Server. Instructions on how to add the Server Public Key to your Agent using CLI.{excerpt}