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The Advanced Edition for Windows and Linux is affordable High Performance Disk to Disk Backup Software.
CDP Advanced Edition has all the features of Standard Edition, plus:

  • MySQL data protection for Windows and Linux
  • Bare-Metal Restore function

You can install Advanced Edition directly on the server you would like to backup. A dedicated CDP Server is not required.

CDP allows you to store your Disk Safes on:

  • Primary hard disks - The Disk Safes are automatically excluded from the replication.
  • Secondary (backup) hard disks
  • USB drives
  • Network Attached Storages (NAS), e.g. NFS, CIFS/Windows share, etc.

With Advanced Edition you can:

  • Select Devices on Host for replication.
  • Define what files/folders on Device will be replicated. By default, all files and folders on the selected Device are backed up. You can exclude file(s)/folder(s) and define complex exclude rules.
  • Create one-time or scheduled replication.
  • Define disk space soft and hard quotas.
  • Assign one or several Data Protection Policies to a Host.
  • Define Recovery Point Retention for each Policy.
  • Browse files on Disk Safes.
  • Track Disk Safe with built-in, on-disk journaling.
  • Merge (delete) Recovery Points.
  • Restore all or selected files/folders from any Recovery Point.
  • Export the selected files/folders from any Recovery Point. You can save the extracted files/folders to an off-site server or local hard disk.
  • Copy Disk Safes between CDP installations. Disk Safes can be moved and copied like regular folders.

Advanced Edition includes:

  • MySQL support.
  • Bare-Metal Restore function.
  • Reports via email.
  • Windows NTFS DACLs and SACLs Restore (allows you to restore Discretionary and System Access Control Lists).
  • Advanced Archiving Rules with flexible Data Protection Policies.
  • Recovery Point Archiving for 3.0 (In CDP 2.0, you create multiple backup schedules).
  • Hosting Control Panel Integration.
  • Hosting Control Panel Restore:
    • cPanel (Linux)
    • Plesk (Linux)
    • Virtuozzo containers (Linux)
    • cPanel or Plesk in Virtuozzo containers
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