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Use the following topics to get more information about a specific function:

API Action
addDevicesToDiskSafe Add the entered device to the entered Disk Safe.
attachExistingDiskSafe Attach the entered Disk Safe to Server Backup.
createDiskSafeWithObject Create a Disk Safe on the entered server.
deleteDeviceFromDiskSafe Delete a device from the entered server.
getDiskSafeIDs Retrieve identification for the Disk Safes on the host server.
getDiskSafes Retrieve the Disk Safes from the host server.
getStoredDevicesForDiskSafe Retrieve a list of devices linked to the entered Disk Safe.
updateDeviceListForDiskSafe Update the list of devices linked to the entered Disk Safe.
updateDiskSafe Update the Disk Safe with the current value.
api api Delete
disk_safe disk_safe Delete
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