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Servers are the computers that are being backed up to a Backup Manager. A Backup Agent is required to be installed on each server you want to back up. Within a single Backup Manager, you can manage the backups on multiple servers.

Section Content
  • Access serversInstructions on how to access and use the Servers window in Server Backup Manager.
  • Add servers to Backup ManagerInstructions on how to add a server to your Backup Manager.
  • Add a server automaticallyInstructions on how to add a server automatically using the Add a Server wizard in Server Backup Manager.
  • Edit server propertiesInstructions on how to change Server properties in Server Backup Manager.
  • Delete serversInstructions on how to delete a servers in Server Backup Manager.
  • Customize the Servers listInstructions on how to hide and show columns, sort rows, manage items per page, and filter the Servers list in Server Backup Manager.
  • Test the server connectionInstructions on how to test Backup Agent connection in Server Backup Manager.
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