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In Server Backup Manager, task history is used to:

  • View running and finished tasks and their details.
  • Cancel running tasks.
  • View finished tasks.
  • View alerts.
  • View log messages.
  • Download task details
  • Rerun most tasks.
Section Content
  • Access task historyInstructions on how to access and use the Task History screen in Server Backup Manager.
  • Customize the Task History listInstructions on how to hide and show columns, sort rows, manage items per page, and filter the Task History list in Server Backup Manager.
  • View task summaryInstructions on how to view task summary in Server Backup Manager.
  • View alertsInstructions on how to view task alerts in Server Backup Manager.
  • View log messagesInstructions on how to view task log messages in Server Backup Manager.
  • Re-run tasksInstructions on how to re-run tasks from the task history in Server Backup Manager.
  • Download task detailsInstructions on how to save task details to a local machine using Server Backup Manager.
  • Cancel tasksInstructions on how to cancel or stop running tasks in Server Backup Manager.
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