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Release Date: 11/13/2012
Build Date: 11/13/2012
Linux Manager/Agent Build Version: 5.0.1 build 18541
Windows Manager/Agent Build Version: 5.0.0 build 18539 
Recommended Module Version: 4.2.1 build 17644
CentOS, RHE, Fedora and CloudLinux Users:
  • With the product name change from "CDP" to "Server Backup," the RPM package name changed. This means that after you upgrade from a pre-5.0 agent, you will need to manually start the new agent by executing the following command:
    /etc/init.d/cdp-agent start
  • We recommend that you update the kernel module by running:
    serverbackup-setup --get-module
Debian and Ubuntu Users:
  • Because of the product name change from "CDP" to "Server Backup," you will be unable to upgrade from a pre-5.0 version using apt-get upgrade.
    Instead, you will need upgrade using either apt-get dist-upgrade OR apt-get install <package name>.


  • With version 5.0 comes official support for Window Server 2012. You can now backup servers running Windows Server 2012 and you can install the Backup Manager on Windows Server 2012. Please note that we do not yet support the ReFS file system.
  • Along with the announcement of version 5.0, we have introduced new pricing for virtual servers. Version 5.0 supports the new virtual server licenses. Contact your sales representative or email for more information.


Interface and Functionality

  • This release fixes an issue that caused Server Backup to crash about one minute after starting a backup. Crashdump info is as follows:

    KERNEL: /usr/lib/debug/lib/modules/2.6.32-279.1.1.el6.x86_64/vmlinux DUMPFILE: /var/crash/ [PARTIAL DUMP] CPUS: 4

  • This release fixes an issue with Server Backup Free that caused some users to receive the following error message:

    Console error: Your license key is invalid. Please contact Idera.

  • This release fixes an inaccessible memory address that caused some users to receive the following error message:


  • This release fixes an issue that occurred during Server Backup Manager replication and caused some users to receive NTFS errors (event 57) with the following message:

    The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur.

  • This release fixes a typographical error in the following message:

    Unable to backup vss document Protocol error, unrecognized message from agent Could not start SQLWriter service: Unable to open/service handle: The specified service does not exist as an installed service

DCC Interface and Functionality

  • Power Users created in DCC now can add Sub-Users to the Server properties while logged in to the Data Center Console.
  • This release fixes an issue causing the Data Center Console log to contain the following error:

    INFO | buserver | 2012/08/07 12:55:22 | INFO: Character decoding failed. Parameter [DCC - Solved Issue with Character Decoding Failure^%$#@!] with value [] has been ignored. Note that the name and value quoted here may be corrupted due to the failed decoding. Use debug level logging to see the original, non-corrupted values.

  • The Backup Manager license information displayed in the Data Center Console is now always current.
  • You now can view details for Backup Manager versions older than the Data Center Console.
  • Regardless of the user type you create within DCC, when you log in to the DCC as that user and attempt to create a policy or disk safe, the DC Console prompts you for a Backup Manager and now only lists those Backup Managers to which the user has permissions  unless the servers assigned are spread across multiple Backup Managers.

Database Backup

  • This release fixes an issue that caused the MySQL module to stop after a single database backup failure. When the MySQL feature backs up a database and encounters an error on one of the databases, the module would abort the operation instead of skipping the database and continuing to the next one.
  • You now can restore databases that contain a hyphen in the name. The previous issue prevented the restore as the database name in the file system was different from that of the running MySQL instance. The hyphen was replaced with @002d2.

Hosting Control Panels

  • An issue causing the Virtuozzo Control Panel User Home directory to be detected incorrectly no longer occurs.


  • apt leaves installed some R1Soft-branded packages, as part of its dependency list. They are empty packages (placeholders), and can be removed if needed after the upgrade.
Using MDADM or LVM options in BMR Wizard

Selecting to use existing MDADM and LVM options during the Bare-Metal Restore wizard may fail to detect some pre-made targets. When performing a Bare-Metal Restore to a target machine where there is already an existing MDADM/RAID or LVM, you can choose the "Use Existing Software RAID Devices on Host" or "Use Existing LVM Volume Groups on Host" options.

In cases where these devices are included with a full restore and a Recovery CD or other live environment is used as a target to host the Agent software, the existing MDADM and LVM will not be started, making those devices absent from your choices of target partitions.

To make these partitions available to the BMR process, follow the instructions below.


Use the following commands BEFORE selecting to use an existing type of partition:

mdadm --auto-detect

This will assemble and make available your /dev/md* target partitions.
Next, select "Use Existing Software RAID Devices on Host" in the Bare-Metal Restore Wizard.


Use the following commands BEFORE selecting to use an existing type of partition:

vgscan vgchange -a y

This will start the LVM utilities and load the volume groups and logical volumes to make the target partitions available.
Next, select "Use Existing LVM Volume Groups on Host" in the Bare-Metal Restore Wizard.

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