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Release Date: 06/28/2013
Build Date: 06/27/2013
Linux Manager/Agent Build Version: 5.2.2 build 19249
Windows Manager/Agent Build Version: 5.2.2 build 19249
Recommended Module Version: 4.4.0 build 18929
Important Upgrade Considerations
Component upgrade order

For Server Backup 5.2.x, you must upgrade the components in the following order or your backups may fail:

  • Data Center Console (if applicable)
  • Backup Manager
  • Backup Agent
Initial merge speed
Initial merges after an upgrade may be slow. The issue is due to calculations and identification of what needs to be merged. Once the calculations are complete, the actual merge process is relatively quick. We are aware of this issue and we are working toward a resolution.
Upgrading Backup Agent on Linux
Some manual steps may be required when upgrading the Backup Agent on Linux. See:

Read special instructions for upgrading from 5.0.0 or 5.0.1 


  • This release fixes an issue causing some users to experience a READ/WRITE exception error after upgrading to cPanel v11.38 and enabling virtfs.
  • Users who submit merge tasks now can successfully cancel the action while in calculating mode.
  • An issue causing the Server Backup Web interface to suffer performance issues after upgrading to v5.2.1 no longer occurs.
  • After upgrading to this release, users no longer experience slow merges of backup points.


For Server Backup 5.2.x, you must upgrade Server Backup Manager before upgrading the Agent. Failure to follow this procedure may result in failed backups.
  • Users upgrading Server Backup Agent before upgrading Server Backup Manager may experience failed backups if:
    - the device path is greater than 255 characters in length, or
    - device is mounted more than once, causing the total device paths to be greater than 255 characters.
    If your backups fail after upgrading, and you believe this issue may be the cause, check your logs for the following error message:
    2013-05-01 15:13:58,500 ERROR  - A truncation error was encountered trying to shrink VARCHAR () FOR BIT DATA '(Binary data value not displayed)' to length 255.
    If you see the above message in your log, upgrade Backup Manager to version 5.2.2.
  • Users who experience issues when attempting to browse recovery points after upgrading their Backup Agent to 5.2.2 can resolve this issue by upgrading Backup Manager to version 5.2.2.
  • Users who have more than 1,500 mount points per device may experience performance issues during a file restore or when attempting to browse recovery and archive points.
  • Server Backup 5.2.x does not support remote deployment to a Windows 2003 server because installing drivers requires user interaction.
  • If you are running Cloud Server 6.0 but not running the beta kernel module, you may experience an issue where Server Backup does not back up Ploop devices that have major/minor version numbers larger than 255 characters.  An error is logged in the backup policy if this situation occurs.
  • Parallels Cloud Server 6 users may notice that Virtuozzo virtual machines are not detected as devices in the Disk Safe wizard. You can back up the VM data by installing a Server Backup Agent and then attempting the backup.
  • Some users may experience an unknown exception error when adding a server and attempting to display disk information. This issue results when CDP runs as a local system account which does not have rights to read the disk. You can resolve this issue by changing the process to run as an administrator.
  • Disk safe verification verifies only those recovery points with an available status. DSV does not verify recovery points with a locked or incomplete status.
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