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Release Date: 08/20/2013
Build Date: 08/16/2013
Linux Manager/Agent Build Version: 5.4.0 build 32
Windows Manager/Agent Build Version: 5.4.0 build 32
Recommended Module Version: 4.4.0 build 18929
Important Upgrade Considerations
Component upgrade order

For Server Backup 5.2.0 and later, you must upgrade the components in the following order or your backups may fail:

  • Data Center Console (if applicable)
  • Backup Manager
  • Backup Agent
Upgrading the Data Center Console

When users who have environments with Debian (deb) packages upgrade the Data Center Console, the system displays a message similar to the following:

Configuration file `/usr/sbin/r1soft-datacenter-console/conf/' ==> Modified (by you or by a script) since installation. ==> Package distributor has shipped an updated version.    What would you like to do about it?

All DCC data is overwritten and lost if you respond by pressing "Y" or "I." The default action keeps your current version. This issue does not affect environments with RPM packages.

Server Backup Advanced, Server Backup Free, and R1Soft Standard Edition (non-Enterprise) users
There are no changes to Server Backup Advanced, Server Backup Free, and Server Backup Standard Edition, and therefore no Server Backup 5.4 upgrades are available at this time. These non-Enterprise products are still fully supported as Server Backup 5.2.x and no upgrade is required.
In order to receive *future* upgrades for non-Enterprise products, please replace the repository upgrade path(s) stored in your Idera/R1Soft repository source list with the following URLs:
Server Backup Enterprise users
To receive the Server Backup 5.4 upgrade, please replace the repository upgrade path(s) stored in your Idera/R1Soft repository source list with the following URLs:
Initial merge speed
Initial merges after an upgrade may be slow. The issue is due to calculations and identification of what items need merging. Once the calculations complete, the actual merge process is relatively quick. We are aware of this issue and we are working toward a resolution.
Upgrading Backup Agent on Linux
Server Backup may require additional manual steps when upgrading the Backup Agent on Linux. For more information about this process, see:

Read special instructions for upgrading from 5.0.0 or 5.0.1


Supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Server Backup now supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. For additional information about Server Backup requirements, see Server Backup Manager System Requirements.

Improved Linux deployment

Server Backup now allows Linux users to remotely deploy the Backup Agent using the deployment wizard or the Add Server window. You must use a login account with the appropriate permissions, unless the user account specified is root (uid = 0). For more information about remotely deploying the Linux Backup Agent, see Install Backup Agent on Linux.

Simplified Data Center Console installation

Improvements were made to the Data Center Console to simplify upgrades, installations, and configuration. For more information about installing DCC, see Install Data Center Console.

Simple Backup Agent configuration from Backup Manager

Users can now manage their Backup Agent configuration directly from the Backup Manager without restarting the Agent process. For more information about managing your Backup Agent configuration from the Backup Manager, see Change Backup Agent configuration from Backup Manager.

Supports LDAP authentication

Server Backup now offers LDAP authentication for you to authenticate your users against a database such as Active Directory. Configure your LDAP authentication using the LDAP Authentication window, and then check the appropriate box when adding a user to Server Backup.

Enhanced API functionality

The Server Backup API includes updates that now allow you to:

  • Enable report creation
  • Track merge performance metrics
  • Deploy Backup Agents

For more information about using the Server Backup API, see Use the Server Backup API. For more information specifically about the API additions, see Available Server Backup API functions.

Performance Fixes/enhancements

This release includes a number of upgrades to improve performance and response time.

  • Upgraded the framework used for the Server Backup user interface.
  • Improved the speed for a bare-metal restore.


General issues
  • The Server Backup server now successfully restarts after using apt-get to upgrade from 5.0.2 to 5.2.1 or later.
  • An issue causing the Server Backup dashboard to display a version number different from the version installed on the Backup Agent host server no longer occurs.
  • The Server Count restriction now takes virtual servers into account.
  • Server Backup includes an update that triggers an error much faster when a user runs out of disk space while performing a backup.
  • Server Backup now tracks available disk space accurately and no longer causes backups to fail due to quota limits.
Server issues
  • Users no longer receive inaccurate error messages concerning a failed LVM configuration backup on their non-LVM-partitioned machines.
  • Backups no longer include LVM information on iSCSI volumes.
Disk safe issues
  • The Server Backup service no longer stops when it confronts a corrupted disk safe.
  • Server Backup no longer displays an error message when a user moves a disk safe to another disk and then attempts to attach the disk safe using the new path.
Policy issues
  • If a user experiences a MySQL crash while a policy is running, you now can cancel the task. An issue in the previous release required users to restart the server to resolve the block caused by the paused policy.
  • Replication, merge, and disk safe verification policy schedules each have unique messages regarding On Demand settings.
Recovery point issues
  • Users no longer experience failed merges if a volume is detached and moved on the file system.
  • Moving a disk safe no longer negatively affects the creation of archive points or merging on recovery points.
  • In the Recovery Points view and Bare Metal Restore wizard, mount points now properly appear for users who have Virtfs mount points enabled in the cPanel agent.
  • The Recovery Points column on the Disk Safes view now properly sorts data.
Restore issues
  • Server Backup now shows the correct value for the /dev/sda disk when restoring and mapping partitions using the bare-metal restore CentOS RecoveryCD for Hyper-V.
Data Center Console issues
  • The Recovery Points column in the Data Center Console Disk Safes view now displays the correct number of recovery points in the Disk Safes list. An issue caused merged files to be inaccurately counted.
  • The Data Center Console no longer displays an exception when trying to add a sub-user to a Backup Agent using a power-user account.
Backup Agent issues
  • An issue causing some users to experience a Backup Agent crash with more than 45 mount points no longer occurs.
  • An issue causing the Backup Agent to crash while running a policy related to an encrypted disk safe no longer occurs.
  • Users no longer experience a disconnect in the cdp-agent network connection when an excessive amount of traffic occurs on the Server Backup Agent port 1167.
  • The /etc/init.d/cdp-agent script is updated and now recognizes when the Backup Agent exists, no longer causing a loop.
API issues
  • The getRecoveryPointByID API now returns getDevices.
CLI issues
  • The /usr/sbin/hcp --show-hcp-device [ or -s ] CLI is updated and now shows the proper results.


General issues
  • Server Backup 5.2.x and later do not support remote deployment to a Windows 2003 server because installing drivers requires user interaction.
  • Fedora users who upgrade from Server Backup 4.2.1 should note that the cdp-server and cdp-agent services do not automatically restart after the upgrade. You must manually restart these services.
  • The temporary (.tmp) folder is not deleted after completing a silent install of Server Backup Manager or Backup Agent using the default values. The folder is empty, but still exists on the server.
  • Server Backup does not display a warning message when you attempt to perform a backup on databases in two different devices and you do not enable multi-volume snapshot (MVS) in the policy settings.
  • Server Backup displays an incorrect error message when there is not enough space available in /tmp. The current message, “Path not found /tmp,” is not correct. The message should read, “Not enough usable space in <tempdir> on host <hostname>.”
Server issues
  • Some users may experience an unknown exception error when adding a server and attempting to display disk information. This issue results when Server Backup runs as a local system account which does not have rights to read the disk. You can resolve this issue by changing the process to run as an administrator.
Disk safe issues
  • Disk safe verification verifies only those recovery points with an available status. DSV does not verify recovery points with a locked or incomplete status.
Volume issues
  • You cannot delete a volume located at the root of a mount point. It is not recommended to create volumes in this location. If you want to delete a volume that resides at the root of a mount point:
    1. Unmount the drive.
    2. Create a directory that includes folders on the mounted device. This is the location where you can store your volumes.
    3. Delete the volume using Server Backup.
Recovery point issues
  • Users who have more than 1,500 mount points per device may experience performance issues during a file restore or when attempting to browse recovery and archive points.
Restore issues
  • RecoveryCD versions 4.2.0 and 5.0.0 do not work when performing a bare-metal restore to a target that includes mdadm and LVM devices.
  • Some users may receive an exception error message when attempting to exclude a large group of files in a directory when performing a restore.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 users cannot restore a mailbox database to an alternate location.
Data Center Console issues
  • The Data Center Console Bulk Edit functionality is experiencing issues, such as not allowing a user to edit merge schedule policies with two disk safes and Data Retention selected.
  • The Data Center Console displays incorrect values in the Compression Type section of the Edit Disk Safe window after editing the values.
  • Internet Explorer users who enable the Compatibility view may notice graphical display issues when attempting to view some Data Center Console pages, such as the Disk Usage, Volumes, and Policies pages. This issue does not occur in other Web browsers.
Parallels Virtuozzo user issues
  • Some Virtuozzo users receive incomplete compressed files when downloading data for either the first or last container listed in the recovery points list.
  • Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 users may notice that Virtuozzo virtual machines are not detected as devices in the Disk Safe wizard. You can back up the VM data by installing a Server Backup Agent and then attempting the backup.
  • If you are running Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 but not running the beta kernel module, you may experience an issue where Server Backup does not back up Ploop devices that have major/minor version numbers larger than 255 characters. An error is logged in the backup policy if this situation occurs.
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