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The uninstall program first stops the Backup Agent. You may be asked to confirm the file removal. Information about the uninstallation is displayed on the screen. To remove the entire Backup Agent and all of its packages from your computer, follow the steps below.

The uninstallation process is different depending on whether you use an RPM/YUM (RHE/CentOS/Fedora/Suse/Mandriva) or a DEB/APT (Debian/Ubuntu) Linux distribution.

RPM/YUM-based Installations

Type the removal command and press <Enter>.

rpm -e serverbackup-enterprise-agent serverbackup-agent serverbackup-async-agent-2-6 serverbackup-setup


yum remove serverbackup-*

Enter "y" and press <Enter> to confirm the uninstallation.

DEB/APT-based Installations

Type the removal command and press <Enter>.

apt-get remove serverbackup-enterprise-agent serverbackup-agent serverbackup-async-agent-2-6 serverbackup-setup

Enter "Y" and press <Enter> to confirm the uninstallation.

"Yes" is the default answer. To select it, press <Enter>.

To delete all archives and configuration files substitute "purge" for "remove."

None of the above commands remove the /usr/sbin/r1soft/conf directory. It remains in the system for future use. If necessary, you can delete it manually as shown in the following screenshot, using the "rm -rf" command.

Once the uninstallation process is complete, the Backup Agent full stack of installed packages is removed from your computer.

uninstall uninstall Delete
agent agent Delete
linux linux Delete
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