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  • Configure Backup ManagerGeneral description of the available configuration options in the Backup Manager.
  • Configure Backup AgentGeneral description of the available configuration options for the Backup Agent. Instructions on how to configure the Backup Agent.
  • Protected MachinesGeneral description of machines being backed up.
  • ReportsGeneral description of the Reporting available in Server Backup.
  • VolumesGeneral description of volumes and available actions in Server Backup Manager. Volumes are containers to store disk safes.
  • UsersGeneral information about users in Server Backup Manager.
  • GroupsGeneral information about user groups in Server Backup Manager.
  • Disk SafesInstructions on how to manage your Disk Safes in Server Backup Manager.
  • PoliciesGeneral description of the policy idea in Server Backup Manager.
  • Advanced OptionsInstructions on how to access and use the Configuration screen in the Backup Manager.
  • Concepts
  • Data Center ConsoleData Center Console (DCC) is designed to provide a centralized monitoring and management domain over a large collection of Backup Managers.
  • Hosting control panelsGeneral description of Hosting Control Panel functionality in Server Backup Manager.
  • Remote Volume and Disk Safe Replication Using Site-to-Site ReplicationSite-to-Site Replication information and instructions
  • Manage devicesGeneral description of the devices in Server Backup Manager.
  • Manage recovery pointsGeneral description of the recovery points in Server Backup Manager.
  • Task HistoryGeneral description of the task history available in Server Backup Manager.
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