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Follow the instructions below to change the Ggroup properties in Server Backup Manager.

1. Click "Groups" in the Main Menu.
1. In the Main menu, click *Groups*.

2. In the "Groups" list, find the appropriate Group and click on the "Edit" icon in the "Actions" column for this User.
2. In the Groups list, find the appropriate group, and then click the Edit icon in the Actions column for this user.

!Editing Group Properties3.png!

{info:title=Note} To find a Ggroup, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [ServerBackup:Customize the Groups list].

3. The "Edit Group" window will open.
SBM displays the Edit Group window as shown in the following image.


43. You can change the following Ggroup properties:
* *Name*
* *Description*
You can find the properties description in [Add groups].

5. Click on "Save" to save the changes.
4. Click *Save* to save the changes.

!Edit Group window_Save button_English.png!

{info:title=Note} After clicking on "Save" or "Cancel," you are returned to the Groups List.
{info:title=Note} After clicking *Save* or *Cancel*, SBM returns you to the Groups list.
{info}\\ {excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to edit Ggroup properties in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}