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Follow the instructions below to change the group properties in Server Backup Manager.

1. In the Main menu, click *Groups*.

2. In the Groups list, find the appropriate group, and then click the Edit icon in the Actions column for this user.

!Editing Group Properties3.png!

{info:title=Note} To find a group, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [ServerBackup:Customize the Groups list].

SBM displays the Edit Group window as shown in the following image.


3. You can change the following group properties:
* *Name*
* *Description*
* *Users*
* *Servers*
* *Volumes*

You can find the properties description in [Add groups].

4. Click *Save* to save the changes.

{info:title=Note} After clicking *Save* or *Cancel*, SBM returns you to the Groups list.
{info}\\ {excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to edit group properties in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}