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You may have full information about any running or finished Task in a separate {{.txt}} file.
{info:title=Tip}You can download task log messages from the "Log Msgs" tab. See [Viewing Log Messages]. [ServerBackup:View log messages].
Follow the instructions below to download Task details to your PC from the Backup Manager.
!Task History list_Download Task Details icon_English.png!

{info:title=Tip}To find a Task, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [Customizing [ServerBackup:Customize the Task History Llist].
3.The file name will have the following format:
{info:title=Tip}The Task results can be sent via email as a Report. See [Reporting].
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to save task details to local PC. {excerpt}
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to save task details to a local machine using Server Backup Manager. {excerpt}