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Follow the instructions below to re-run tasks from the Task History.

1. Click "Task History" in the Main Menu to open the "Task History" screen.
1. In the Main menu, click *Task History*.

2. In the "Task History" list, find the Task you need, and click on the "Rerun Task" icon for that Task located in the "Actions" column.
2. In the Task History list, find the appropriate task, and then click the Rerun Task icon for that task located in the Actions column.

!Task History list_Rerun Task icon_English.png!
{info:title=Tip}To find a Ttask, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [ServerBackup:Customize the Task History list].
{info:title=Note}You cannot rerun queued, running, successful merges or tasks for deleted policies.
3. After the operation has been done, you will receive a notification. Click "OK".
3. After the operation is complete, SBM displays a success message. Click *OK* to close the window.

!Rerun Task icon clicked_Success message_English.png!