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| *Windows Manager/Agent Build Version:* | 5.12.1 build 54  \\ |
| *Recommended Module Version*: | 4.6.0 build 27 |

Linux systems require a glibc version of 2.5 or greater. Backup Agents on Linux distributions with older glibc libraries should remain on version 5.10 or earlier versions of the Backup Agent software. See this KB article for more information: [Error - Linux cdp agent fails with "Floating Point Exception"|kb3:Error - Linux cdp agent fails with "Floating Point Exception"]

SSL certificate handling has been significantly improved. These changes may require intervention for users of custom (self-signed or trusted) SSL certificates. A certificate alias of "cdp" is required when installing certificates. Please see the following knowledge base article for more details: [kb3:Upgrade to v5.12.1 results in an "untrusted" SSL connection when a trusted certificate was used]