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| *Release Date:* | 11/23/2015 |
| *Build Date:* | 11/21/2015 |
| *Linux Manager/Agent Build Version:* | 5.12.1 build 54 |
| *Windows Manager/Agent Build Version:* | 5.12.1 build 54  \\ |
| *Recommended Module Version*: | 4.6.0 build 27 |

Linux systems require a glibc version of 2.5 or greater. Backup Agents on Linux distributions with older glibc libraries should remain on version 5.10 or earlier versions of the Backup Agent software. See this KB article for more information: [Error - Linux cdp agent fails with "Floating Point Exception"|kb3:Error - Linux cdp agent fails with "Floating Point Exception"]

SSL certificate handling has been significantly improved. These changes may require intervention for users of custom (self-signed or trusted) SSL certificates. A certificate alias of "cdp" is required when installing certificates. Please see the following knowledge base article for more details: [kb3:Upgrade to v5.12.1 results in an "untrusted" SSL connection when a trusted certificate was used]


h3. SBM 5.12.1

* {color:#000000}Resolved an issue where backups while the Backup Agent was in recovery mode could cause the agent to terminate with an assertion error. Backups are not allowed while in recovery mode and will now be logged and prevented.{color}
* {color:#000000}Addressed MySQL restoration issue resulting in tinyint datatype value modifications.{color}
* {color:#000000}Addressed failure to install the version 5.12 Backup Agent on 32-bit Windows machines.{color}
* {color:#000000}Fixed a bug that allowed limited users to create Policies and modify recovery points beyond the scope of their permissions assignment.{color}
* {color:#000000}Fixed packaging issue affecting new installations where a common default certificate and private key would be installed.{color}
* {color:#000000}Added checks to verify a valid SSL certificate keystore exists and to automatically add any missing "cdp" aliased certificate with a self-signed certificate.{color}
* {color:#000000}Addressed issue where internally resolved path for mysqld binary would erroneously include extra characters.{color}
* {color:#000000}Addressed issue where MSSQL database discovery would fail to detect any databases.{color}
* {color:#000000}Addressed issue where backups with failed devices would appear as successful backups.{color}

h3. DCC 5.12.1

* {color:#000000}Addressed issue where SBM servers could not be addressed by their hostname. SBM servers may now be managed by IP or hostname.{color}

h2. {color:#000000}NEW FEATURES{color}

h3. {color:#000000}SBM 5.12.1{color}

* {color:#000000}Added API server configuration option to specify the TLS version. TLSv1.2 is used by default. For more information,{color} {color:#000000}[click here|]{color}{color:#000000}.{color}


h5. Common Problems and Issues

* With regard to Site-to-Site replication, SBM 5.12.0\+ is not compatible with earlier SBM versions.
* Multiple simultaneous Vacuum operations could impact the overall performance of the SBM.
* Multipath I/O storage configurations are not tested and have been found to not function in some configurations.
* Partition table information is not gathered on KVM systems using the virtio driver. In order to perform a bare metal restore on these systems, the partition table must be manually recreated prior to the restore.
* When upgrading DCC and SBM from 5.6.2 to 5.12.0+, associated SBM servers may appear "offline". To resolve this issue, remove and re-add the SBM servers.
* The merge task may fail when you attempt to merge a recovery point that was interrupted due to CLOB/BLOB issues. If the merge fails due to this issue, merge the points one by one. After the merge fails, merge each recovery point one by one until the task is successful.
* Users who have Debian installations should note that a Debian-based machine that has both RPM and DEB packages installed is recognized as RPM-based only by Server Backup Manager.
* Users cannot set heap memory more than 1024 MB using *serverbackup-setup \-m*. Even if there is more than enough space, Server Backup Manager displays a message indicating that memory specified must be smaller than 1024 MB.  Edit server.conf to update memory settings.
* Some users are unable to create backup reports and receive the message, "Unknown exception:java.lang.NullPointerException." A workaround is to add a *FROM*: address to the *Set Report Options*.
* When Server Backup Manager is in Maintenance Mode, the policies can still be driven by DCC.
* Server Backup displays an incorrect error message, during agent deployment,&nbsp; when there is not enough space available in {{/tmp}}. The current message, “Path not found /tmp,” is not correct. The message should read, “Not enough usable space in {{<tempdir>}} on host {{<hostname>}}.”
* Some users may experience an unknown exception error when adding a server and attempting to display disk information. This issue results when Server Backup runs as a local system account which does not have rights to read the disk. You can resolve this issue by changing the process to run as an administrator.
* Users who have more than 1,500 mount points per device may experience performance issues during a file restore or when attempting to browse recovery and archive points.
* When using the API&nbsp; you must designate the type of user on the "user=" line, as either--user=dcc/someuser
Otherwise, the user defaults to local users.
* *{_}If your Windows environment contains an MSSQL or Exchange database on two different partitions{_}*, you should enable multi-volume snapshot (MVS) in the policy settings.

h5. Installation issues

* Server Backup 5.2.x and later do not support remote deployment to a Windows 2003 server because installing drivers requires user interaction.
* Users who attempt to install Server Backup Manager on a Microsoft Windows 2003 operating system must note that .NET 2.x or 3.5 is required. .NET 4.0 does not satisfy this requirement. When installing SBM on Windows 2003, the installer fails if the proper .NET version is not installed. Note that the installer does not prompt you to install the correct .NET version before failing.
* The temporary (.tmp) folder is not deleted after completing a silent install of Server Backup Manager or Backup Agent using the default values. The folder is empty, but still exists on the server.

h5. Restore issues

* Users who use Centos LiveCD on any bare-metal restores that have LVM may receive error messages that they failed to restore deltas to a certain device number. This issue results from the fact that because the Centos LiveCD uses its own LVM to manage its file systems, dm-0 and dm-1 are always in use. To avoid this issue, choose a target that is two LVM devices higher than the original. For example, if /tmp is originally on /dev/dm-1, you should choose /dev/dm-3 as your target.
* RecoveryCD versions 4.2.0 and 5.0.0 do not work when performing a bare-metal restore to a target that includes mdadm and LVM devices.
* Some users may receive an exception error message when attempting to exclude a large group of files in a directory when performing a restore.
* Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 users cannot restore a mailbox database to an alternate location.
* Some users may experience Java heap space out-of-memory error messages when attempting to restore a database with large LongBlob or LongText types.
* Disk safe verification verifies only those recovery points with an available status. DSV does not verify recovery points with a locked or incomplete status.

h5. Data Center Console issues

* The Data Center Console does not automatically restart after a new Windows installation.
* The Data Center Console displays incorrect values in the *Compression Type* section of the Edit Disk Safe window after editing the values.
* Internet Explorer users who enable the Compatibility view may notice graphical display issues when attempting to view some Data Center Console pages, such as the Disk Usage, Volumes, and Policies pages. This issue does not occur in other Web browsers.

h5. Parallels Virtuozzo user issues

* Not all files are downloaded for a container on Virtuozzo and system displays the error message, {{ERROR - Failed to download file}}, in the log file.
* Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 users may notice that Virtuozzo virtual machines are not detected as devices in the Disk Safe wizard. The VMs are backed up. If you need granular file restore for a VM, you can back up the PCS VM by installing a Server Backup Agent in the VM guest operating system.
* Virtuozzo users may notice that when some containers are downloaded, the compressed file does not contain the first and last container listed in the recovery points.


{note:title=MySQL users planning an upgrade}

h5. MySQL database backups require that the Backup Agent be at least at version 5.6 or greater{note}
{note:title=Important Upgrade Considerations}

h5. Component upgrade order

Server Backup Manager software must be upgraded in the following order:
* Data Center Console (if applicable)
* Server Backup Manager
* Server Backup Agent

After completing the software updates in environments using Data Center Console, R1Soft recommends refreshing the associated SBM server data for proper syncing.

h5. Upgrading the Data Center Console

When users who have environments with Debian (deb) packages upgrade the Data Center Console, the system displays a message similar to the following:
{code}Configuration file `/usr/sbin/r1soft-datacenter-console/conf/'
==> Modified (by you or by a script) since installation.
==> Package distributor has shipped an updated version.
What would you like to do about it?{code}
*All DCC data is overwritten and lost*&nbsp;if you respond by pressing "Y" or "I." The default action keeps your current version. This issue does not affect environments using RPM packages.

h5. Upgrade window

When upgrading Server Backup Manager, R1Soft recommends that you select a window of time when no jobs are running. Place Server Backup Manager in Maintenance Mode and allow running tasks to complete before upgrading.

h5. Server Backup Advanced, Server Backup Free, and R1Soft Standard Edition (non-Enterprise) users

There are no changes to Server Backup Advanced, Server Backup Free, and Server Backup Standard Edition, and therefore no Server Backup 5.8.x upgrades are available at this time. These non-Enterprise products are still fully supported as Server Backup 5.2.x and no upgrade is required. In order to receive _future_ upgrades for these non-Enterprise products, please replace the repository upgrade path(s) stored in your R1Soft repository source list with the following URLs:
* Apt Non-Enterprise: []
* Yum Non-Enterprise: []

h5. Server Backup Enterprise and SE users

To receive the Server Backup Manager upgrade, please replace the repository upgrade path(s) stored in your R1Soft repository source list with the following URLs:
* Apt Enterprise:&nbsp;[|]
* Yum Enterprise:&nbsp;[|]