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h2. Common Questions

Below is the list of common questions specific to using a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD). Each question is linked to a document for further information.

[What should I know about VHD format?|Hyper-V VHD Explorer]
[How can I obtain Hyper-V VHD Explorer?|Obtaining Hyper-V VHD Explorer]
[How can I install Hyper-V VHD Explorer?|Installing Hyper-V VHD Explorer]
[How can I launch Hyper-V VHD Explorer?|Launching Hyper-V VHD Explorer]
[How can I use Hyper-V VHD Console?|Using Hyper-V VHD Console]
[How can I attach VHDs?|Attaching VHDs]
[How can I detach VHDs?|Detaching VHDs]
[How can I explore VHDs?|Exploring VHDs]
[How can I view the list of attached VHDs?|Viewing the List of Attached VHDs]
[How can I manage VHD volumes?|Managing VHD Volumes]
[How can I explore VHD volumes?|Exploring VHD Volumes]
[How can I mount VHD volumes?|Mounting VHD Volumes]
[How can I dismount VHD volumes?|Dismounting VHD Volumes]
[How can I change VHD volume's drive letter?|Changing VHD Volume's Drive Letter]
[How can I restore the VHD files?|VHD File Restore]
{excerpt:hidden=true}A list of common questions specific to Hyper-V VHD Explorer.{excerpt}