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With Server Backup Manager, you can:
* move Disk Safes from one location to another on the Backup Manager machine,
* copy Disk Safes from one Backup Manager to another, and
* copy Disk Safes across your Windows or Linux platform
{note:title=Notice}It is important that you [close|ServerBackup:Close disk safes] your Disk Safe in the Server Backup Web interface before making a copy. Issues can occur if you attempt copy an open Disk Safe.

Before making a copy, be sure to document the association of the Backup Agent Disk Safe path and Disk Safe folder name. The folder name is created using a unique GUID that is necessary to identify which folders you want to copy or move. This information is available in the Server Backup Manager Web interface when you click *Disk Safes* in the navigation pane, and then click the line of a specific Disk Safe. SBM displays the GUID and path in the bottom pane.

Note that you can change the GUID name simply by renaming the folder to a unique name. Now when you attach an existing Disk Safe, SBM provides the name of the folder.
{note:title=Notice}If you move or copy a Disk Safe folder, always move or copy the complete contents. Never attempt to copy individual files from one Disk Safe to another. Doing so may damage your Disk Safe.

Use the following steps to copy or move a [Disk Safe|Manage Disk Safes].

1. Close the Disk Safe. For more information about closing a Disk Safe, see [Close Disk Safes].

2. Detach the Disk Safe. This procedure does not delete any data. For more information about detaching a Disk Safe, see [Detach Disk Safes].

3. Copy or move the Disk Safe folder to the appropriate location.
{info:title=Tip}Use Windows Explorer to can drag-and-drop, {{scp}}, {{cp}}, {{xcopy}}, etc.
4. Open the Disk Safe in the new location. You can open the Disk Safe on the same or a different Backup Manager. For more information about opening and attaching a Disk Safe, see [Attach Disk Safes].
{info:title=Note} All [recovery points|ServerBackup:Manage recovery points] are copied or moved together with the Disk Safe.
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to copy or move Disk Safes to another place on the same Backup Manager or to another Backup Manager.{excerpt}