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[Archiving Policy|Manage archiving] can be run automatically according to the [schedule|Define the archive schedule] or manually.

Follow the instructions below to start an Archiving Policy manually.

1. Click "Policy" in the Main Menu to open the "Policies" window.

2. In the "Policies" list, find the Policy you need and click on the "Archive Now" icon in the "Actions" column of that Policy.

!Archive Now icon_2_English.png!
{info:title=Note}The *Frequency*, *Last Run Time*, and *Next Run Time* columns are related to the creation of Recovery Points. The Archive Point scheduling can be accessed via "Archiving" tab. See [Define the archive schedule|ServerBackup:Definine the archive schedule].
!Policies list_3 columns outlined_English.png!
{info:title=Tip}To find a Policy, you can use the Basic List Filter. See [ServerBackup:Customize the Archive Points list].
3. After the procedure has been completed, you receive a notification. Click "OK."


You can see the status of the Task fulfillment on the "Task History" screen. See [Access task history].
{info:title=Tip}The Task results can be sent via Email as a Report. See [Reporting].
{info}{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to run an archiving policy manually in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}