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Control panel users can access and download their archives directly from the Server Backup Manager web interface. The system automatically creates accounts in SBM for each control panel user. Server Backup Manager is available to control panel users via a special URL that is generated by the system once you add the policy. Users can log in using their control panel credentials.

Follow the instructions below to obtain the URL to the Backup Manager for control panel users.

1. In the Main menu, click *Policy*.

2. Click on the necessary policy with control panel instances added.

!Policies list_Policy created_English.png!

3. Click the Control Panels tab in the Policy Details pane.

!Policy Details pane_Control Panel tab_English.png!

SBM displays the control panel end-user login link as shown in the following image.

!Control Panel end-user login link.png!
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to access the URL to Server Backup Manager for control panel users.{excerpt}