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Before you can begin protecting and restoring MySQL databases, you will need to add the MySQL Connector/JDBC (also known as MySQL Connector/J) to your Server Backup Manager installation.

Use the following steps to install this file into your Server Backup Manager environment.

1. Go to the MySQL website:

2. Under the "Connector/J 5.1.22" heading, click the download link for the file called:
* Windows: {{}}
* Linux: {{mysql-connector-java-5.X.XX.tar.gz}}

{info:title=Note}As of 10/2012, the version used in this example is labeled {{}}."
!Connector J 5.1.22 window_English.png!

3. Follow the instructions for registration or log in.

!MySQL registration form_English.png!

Alternately, skip registration by clicking on the link labeled "No thanks, just take me to the downloads\!"

!Link_No thanks just start my download_English.png!

4. Then you will be provided with the needed mirror links. Download and save the file to a temporary directory or known location.

!mysql connector saving_English.png!

5. Extract the Zip or Tar archive in the location you download the file.

6. Look in the newly created directory for a file called {{mysql-connector-java-5.X.X-bin.jar}}. This is the file you need.

7. Log on to the Backup Manager Web-based User Interface. (See [Access Server Backup Free Web interface], [Access Server Backup Manager Web interface], [Access Server Backup Advanced Web interface].)

!Backup Manager login form_English.png!

8. Click on "Configuration" in the Main Menu to open the "Configuration" window.

9. Click "Database Drivers" from the "Configuration" sub-menu.

10. You will now see the MySQL Database Driver showing a red status meaning it has not yet been installed. Click the "Upload" button next to the red status.

!Database Drivers_upload button_English.png!

11. Click the "Browse" button to locate the MySQL connector file.

!mysql file upload_browse button_English.png!

12. Locate the MySQL connector .jar file from your extracted Zip or Tar archive.

!mysql-connector-java-5.1.22-bin.jar file selected_English.png!

13. The mysql connector file mysql-connector-java-5.X.X-bin.jar should now be displayed in the file upload dialogue. Now click "Upload".

!mysql file upload_upload button_English.png!

14. If you selected and uploaded a valid MySQL database connector .jar file you will now see the upload was successful.

!mysql database driver uploaded_English.png!

15. After clicking "OK" on the upload successful message box, you will see the MySQL database driver has a green status. You are now ready to begin adding a MySQL database instance to your Data Protection Policy.

!mysql database driver status_green_English.png!

The following steps are described in [Add a MySQL instance to a policy].
{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to add the MySQL Connector to your Server Backup Manager installation.{excerpt}