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The Backup Agent Utility is a Windows application automatically installed together with the Backup Agent on the same machine. The Utility provides access to the common functions related to the Backup Agent.

{Note:title=Notice}The Backup Agent Utility is available on the machine with the Backup Agent installed. On the machine where the Backup Manager is installed, use [Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility|About Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility].{Note}

By entering the Host Name of the Backup Manager that you want to allow, the Windows Backup Agent Utility can grab the Public Key of the Backup Manager. The Backup Manager will then only allow connections from the Server's outgoing IP address and only from the Backup Managers that have the appropriate Private Key.

Using the Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility, you can configure the Backup Agent Port and switch on the debug mode. You can also restart your Backup Agent.

The program interface provides access to the following functions:
* [Manage encryption keys on Windows Backup Agent]
* [Add the key to Windows Backup Agent]
* [Configure Backup Agent port]
* [View keys added to Windows Backup Agent]
* [Uninstall the key from Windows Backup Agent]
* [Change Windows Backup Agent configuration]
* [Restart Backup Agent]
See also:
* [Launch Windows Backup Agent Configuration Utility]

{info:title=Note}Free and Advanced Backup Managers go with the Backup Manager that is already built-in. Use [Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility|About Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility] to configure both Backup Manager and Agent.

{excerpt:hidden=true}General information about the Windows Backup Agent Utility.{excerpt}