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You can create a replica Disk Safe from any recovery point in the original, attached Disk Safe. Effectively, you can consider this a new seed created from an existing Disk Safe. You can also update the Disk Safe replica to a newer recovery point in the original Disk Safe. This updates only those blocks that have changed.

Disk Safe replication:

* Can be configured at the volume or Disk Safe level.
* Replicates the Disk Safe to the pre-configured path. Note that after the initial seed, only deltas are replicated to the alternate path.
* Is enabled by first setting the *Replication Path*. You can access this setting by editing the volume or when creating a new Disk Safe that is not assigned to a volume.
* Is configurable via the API.

*To configure Disk Safe replication*
# Edit the policy, and then either add or edit the archive schedule.
# Check the *Replicate Disk Safe* box.
# Configure the frequency, and then click *Save*.

h2. Add the Replication Script when configuring the Replication Path

While configuring the replication path, you can add a replication script that runs after the replication is complete. This option allows for a user-defined script to run following the replication. Examples include a copy, an {{rsync}} to move the copy offsite, or even a script to write the copy to tape. Place the script in the {{/usr/sbin/r1soft/bin/scripts}} directory. Note that only the name should be specified in the *Replication Script* field.

Part 1: Setup Replication Path in Disk Safe or Volume


Part 2: Setup Replication Disk Safe Schedule by selecting check box

!replication schedule.png!

Instructions on how to create a replica Disk Safe in Server Backup Manager.