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{color:windowtext}Version 6.16.1 introduced transfer statistics to Remote Replication tasks, which can increase the overall time needed to exchange disk safe statistics between Backup Managers in environments where higher priority tasks are running. Priority will be given to backups (replications) and restores.{color}{color:windowtext} {color}{color:windowtext}If this exchange takes too long to complete, it's possible for the Remote Replication task to time out before it can complete the exchange. {color}{color:windowtext} {color}

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{color:windowtext}The following errors may be seen in the task logs: {color}{color:windowtext} {color}
{code}Error Manager Error getting list of available devices from agent
Error Manager Could not read from socket: Connection reset by peer
Error Manager Connection reset by peer {code}

h2. Solution
It is recommended to increase the agent network timeout on both the Source and Target Backup Managers where this timeout is observed. 
The agent network timeout should be increased on both the Source and Target Backup Managers.  
It's recommended to start with a timeout of 18000 seconds 
If the issue persists, double it to 36000 seconds 
Steps to increase the agent network connection timeout can be found [here|kb3:How To - Change the agent network connection timeout]  
Be sure to restart both the Source and Target Backup Managers after changing the timeout.