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This section provides you with complete instructions on how to use your Linux Agent and its Command Line Interface (CLI) tools.

The Linux Agent is the portion of the synchronization service that runs on the Linux Host system. A CDP (Backup) Agent is required for each of the Linux systems that will be using the R1Soft Backup services.

The Linux Agent does not require a GUI (X Window system) to run and can be installed on the Linux Host with text-mode interface only. The Linux Agent listens on TCP port 1167 for Backup and Restore requests from the CDP Server.

The Linux Agent must be installed on each Linux system that will use the synchronization service.

R1Soft Backup for Linux includes pre-built Kernel modules for most popular Linux distributions. The R1Soft CDP Agent will verify that the Host system is using a supported Linux-based operating system during the Agent installation. If you are using an unsupported distribution or have customized the Kernel of a supported distribution, you will need to run the R1Soft Custom Kernel Installer.

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