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The authentication between the Backup Agent and the Backup Manager is based on RSA keys. When Backup Manager initially starts, it generates a new RSA public and private key. Note that the Backup Agent must have the public key to communicate with the Backup Manager.

The serverbackup-setup command allows you to manage keys for the Backup Manager using the following options:

  • --get-key <url>. The --get-key <url> option retrieves a key from the Backup Manager. Make sure that the server where Backup Manager resides is accessible by the Backup Agent.
  • --remove-key <name>. Remove a key using the --remove-key <name> option where key is the IP address or URL of your Backup Manager.
  • --list-keys. The --list-keys option provides a list of all the installed keys.
  • --stdin-key. Use the --stdin-key option to enter a key from stdin.
  • --key-filename <name>. The --key-filename <name> option displays the name of the key file. This data is generated if no file name is specified.

See examples of these options on following pages:

 For more information about the serverbackup-setup command, see About the cdp-agent and serverbackup-setup tools.

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