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In order to keep the Backup Agent secure, connections are only accepted from authorized Backup Managers. If you have previously allowed the Backup Manager to connect to your Backup Agent and you do not want to allow future requests, you need to remove the Key for the Backup Manager.

Follow the instructions below to delete the Manager Public Key using the Windows Backup Agent Utility.

After removing the Manager Key, your Server becomes unavailable for the Backup Manager.

1. Run the Windows Backup Agent Utility. Read more in Launch Windows Backup Agent Configuration Utility.

2. In the main window opened click the "Authorized Server Backup Managers" tab.

3. Select a key name in the "Installed Keys" area.

4. Click on the "Delete" button located on the bottom right.

5. Your Backup Manager IP will be removed from the "Authorized Server Backup Managers" tab.

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