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CDP 4.0.0 (Stable) Release Notes

This release includes four product editions: CDP Standard Edition, CDP Advanced Edition, CDP Enterprise Edition, and Data Center Console.

Release Date: 05/8/2012
Server/Agent Build Version: 4.0.0 build 17089
Recommended Module Version: 4.2.1 build 16433

When upgrading and a CDP Server is registered to a DCC Server, the DCC Server MUST be upgraded prior to any CDP Servers being upgraded. In other words, customers using DCC should ALWAYS upgrade DCC before upgrading any CDP Servers.
Upgrading from CDP 3.0 versions to 4.0 is seamless and fast. Download the latest 4.0 installation package for your operating system, and your CDP installation will be automatically upgraded.


Database Add-On

Protecting SQL Server

CDP 4.0.0 improves MS SQL Server backup and restore functions. The MySQL Add-on is now known as the Databases Add-on and enables features of MS SQL Server and MySQL for the Agent it is applied to.

The following restore options are provided by CDP:

  • Restore one, several, or all databases.
  • Database restore to original or alternate database name/path.


Restoring a MySQL Database to an Alternate Database Name

You can optionally define an alternate database name for any of the databases selected for restore as a new step in the Restore Databases wizard. See Restoring MySQL Databases to Alternate Locations.

MySQL InnoDB File Per Table Restore

MySQL restores will no longer dump temporary instance logs to the CDP Server. Before it was fixed, this problem could cause excessive delays on large installations using the InnoDB file_per_table option, unless there was an error when starting the instance. See MySQL InnoDB File Per Table Restore.


Japanese and Spanish User Interface Available in CDP Server

The CDP Server user interface may now be customized to display in Japanese or Spanish in addition to English. See:

Time Zone Configuration

The time zone setting was added in CDP 4.0.0. See:

Data Center Console

Editing Policies in Data Center Console

You can edit the same Policy fields in Data Center Console as in the Enterprise Edition User Interface. You can browse files on the Agent to select for excludes, configure the database and Control Panel instances, and test instance connections. See Editing Policies in Data Center Console.

Data Center Console Email Reporting

In Data Center Console, you have the option to mark email report items with a yellow (warning) or red (error) color. See Data Center Console Email Reporting.


Revamped Example Scripts

The new version includes revamped example scripts, including several soapUI samples. See API Documentation.

Data Center Console SOAP API Additions

Agent, Policy, Volume, Disk Safe. See API Documentation.

Run Policy and Re-Run Task Added to the CDP Server SOAP API

The ability to run a Policy and re-run a task from Task History has been added to the SOAP API. See API - Run and Re-Run Policy Task.

Improved Efficiency and Interface

Canceling All Running and Queued Tasks

The ability to cancel all running and queued tasks in one operation has been added to Task History in order to assist administrators needing to perform server maintenance or upgrade their CDP Server. See Canceling All Running and Queued Tasks.

Dashboard Improvements

New widgets are located on the Dashboard: the Running Tasks Widget, Queued Tasks Widget, Improvements to Disk Usage Widget, and Throughput Gauges. See:

Disabling Users - Additional Options

The ability to disable users has been added to CDP Server and DCC. When disabling Power Users, additional options are presented to allow the administrator to also disable sub-users administered by the Power User, and to disable any policies associated with Power User-owned Agents. See:

hcp -s Does Not Print Banner Information

hcp -s has been modified to only return the requested hcp device, omitting banner information. See hcp -s Does Not Print Banner Information.

Utilising LSB Exit Codes by CDP Server and Agent Init Scripts

The CDP Server and CDP Agent init scripts will support additional Linux Standard Base (LSB) Core Specifications exit codes. See Utilizing LSB Exit Codes by CDP Server and Agent Init Scripts.

Scroll Bar is Added to the Properties Window

If the window size is smaller than its contents, a scroll-bar appears to allow you to scroll to see the non-visible content. See Scroll Bar is Added to the Properties Window.

Apache Tomcat updated to 6.0.35

The CDP-bundled Apache Tomcat server has been updated to version 6.0.35 to fix defects and address security vulnerabilities. See the Apache Tomcat release notes for more information.

Other Improvements 


API - Solved Issue with Closed Disk Safe

When a Disk Safe was in a closed state, getDiskSafes() returned an incomplete diskSafe object.

API - Solved Issue with Wrong User Attributes Keys when Creating and Getting Power Users

User "create" and "get" operations returned wrong user attributes keys when creating/getting Power Users.

API Documentation Search Function Problem on Linux

The Doxygen utility version used to create the Linux CDP API Documentation has been updated in order to correct this issue.

Running soapUI Script on Linux

In order to make the soapUI script work on Linux CDP servers, edit the Volume Path in the createVolume calls, and also change the Disk Safe path in the createDiskSafe calls.

Data Center Console

Data Center Console - Solved Issue of Scheduled Reports Failing to Run

This release corrects an issue that caused the DCC Task Scheduler thread to terminate, resulting in reports not running as scheduled.

Data Center Console - Solved Issue with Inability to Delete or Disable a CDP Server

The error used to occur when the CDP Server was deleted from the icon displayed beside the CDP Server in the Data Center Console.

Data Center Console - Solved Issue with Volume Status Display Error

DCC Volume status and statistics will no longer show an unknown status when processing CDP Server updates.


Solved Issue with Agent Trying to Access a Stopped Snapshot

During a backup, the Agent would stop and un-mount the snapshot, but then immediately try to read from it, resulting in failure.

Solved Issue with Driver Consuming All Memory if Agent Stopped During Snapshot

If the cdp-agent service was stopped while taking a snapshot, the system would eventually consume all of the memory for the driver.

Solved Issue of CDP Agent Dying During Backup Process

CDP Agent would randomly die, for no apparent reason, and with no log messages.

Agent Install on Non-English Locale Operational System

Agent would fail to install, claiming the OS was not a supported OS on Server 2003 R2. The issue is corrected in CDP 4.0.

Database Add-On

Solved Issue with Publishing MySQL Password

r1soft-mysql-util would publish the password for the MySQL backup user. 

MySQL Support of Localized Content in Tables, Table Characters Sets, and Collations

The new version restores databases containing non-Latin (i.e., Greek) characters correctly.

MySQL Instance with a Non-Default tmp Directory

tmp directory could have limited space if it was put in a non-default location. CDP could not restore all necessary files.

MySQL Add-on Compatibility with MySQL 5.5

Running the policy with a MySQL 5.5.10 instance would finish with an error.

MySQL Backups - Solved Issue with Duplicate ID

A problem would appear when there were two different databases with the same name, e.g., "drupal" and "Drupal."

User Interface and Functionality

Solved Issue of Policy Alerts Not Clearing after a Successful Replication

Policy alerts published on the CDP Server Dashboard after successful replication now work correctly. Policies will no longer go into an Alert status if the not-backed-up Devices are disabled in the associated Disk Safe.

Ubersmith Compatibility

Ubersmith grabs Disk Safe statuses correctly.

Solved Issue with Monitor.log Error - No Appenders Could Be Found for Logger
Solved Issue with Stopping CDP Server Service

After using the service cdp-server stop command, mq error messages are displayed in the logs.

Solved Issue with java.lang.NullPointerException
Solved Issue with Broken Error Message of Text-Only Email Reporting

When a customer used a text-only (non-HTML) email client, they received an error message.

CDP Language Feature Allows Translations with Multiple Words

Labels with multiple words can now be translated properly.

Solved Issue with Long-Running Tasks Being Excluded from Reports

Tasks that run over multiple report execution windows will now continue to be displayed in subsequent reports until the task terminates.

Superfluous JMS Exception Removed from CDP Server Log

This release removes a superfluous error message from the CDP Server log file related to committing or creating a JMS transaction during the CDP Server shutdown process.

Solved Issue - "A Lock Could not be Obtained within the Time Requested"

CDP opened the Recovery Point list of the Disk Safes with an error.

Solved Issue with Email Reports Not Sending Finished States Correctly

If a user sets up reporting for running and/or queued tasks, they now continue to show up in subsequent reports until their state is changed to error/finished.

Control Panel Add-On

Solved Issue with Parallels Plesk Panel 9 Mail Restore

Parallels Plesk Panel control panel users were not able to see or restore their mail files.

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