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CDP 4.2.0 (Stable) Release Notes

This release includes four product editions: CDP Standard Edition, CDP Advanced Edition, CDP Enterprise Edition, and Data Center Console.

Release Date: 08/09/2012
Build Date: 08/09/2012
Server/Agent Build Version: 4.2.0 build 17723  
Recommended Module Version: 4.2.1 build 17028


CDP Interface and Functionality

Free Standard Edition

Standard Edition can run on a "free" license. On startup, you can generate a perpetual free license key that never expires. Learn more here:

It is possible to delete objects related to a Power User while the Power User is being deleted. 

It is possible to add "Quotas" and "Quota type" columns to the "Disk Safes" list. 

Solved Issue with Web Interface Becoming Unresponsive

Running the "Task History Clean up" task no longer exhausts the number of connections.

Solved Issue with Sub-Users' Permissions

The "Edit Disk Safe" permission is now required for merging Recovery Points.

Solved Issue with Storage Cache Check Warnings for Deleted Disk Safe

The problem with storage cache check warnings for a non-existent Disk Safe has been solved.

Solved Issue with File Exclude on Windows Agents

On a Policy's "File Excludes" tab, select a drive to exclude it from the replication. The Policy will run without problems.

Solved Issue with Email Reporting

After setting up the "SMTP Local Host" option, it is now possible to send reports without any problems.

Solved Issue with Browsing Thousands of Files in Recovery Point

It is now possible to navigate in a folder with more than 200,000 files.

DCC Interface and Functionality

Disk Safe, Policy, and Volume Functionality is Added

The following features have been added to the Data Center Console.

Bulk Edit Catch-Up

The Data Center Console provides Bulk Edit functionality, which is equivalent to CDP Server functions for the following objects: Disk Safes, Policies, Agents. Read more here:

DCC - Solved Issue with Sub-Users That Could Select Un-Assigned Agents

Sub-users created on DCC can create Policies only for Agents they are assigned to.


All error messages are translated now.


Restoring Many Small Files Completes Faster

If you have many small files to restore, this process will take less time than before.
Read more in Restoring Files.

Bare-Metal Restore Device Auto-Map

"Auto-Map Devices" feature has been added. The system automatically maps devices based on their size.
Read more in Bare-Metal Restore Device Auto-Mapping.

Compressing File Content Across Network

During File Restore, users can use the new optional feature to compress files before transmitting over the network. Read more in Restoring Files.

HP P400 SAS Drive Controller is now supported by bootCD.

Solved Issue with Restoring Many Files

Now, up to 30,000 files located in a single directory can be restored without problems.

Solved Issue with Missing Files in the Files Restore View

Paging through long lists of files no longer leaves a white space at the bottom of the view, or requires any refreshing to restore the proper views. All files are displayed.

Solved Issue with File Restore

When the "Restore" button is clicked, the restore task starts and the selected files are restored without errors.

Solved Issue with Bare-Metal Restore Order of LVM Volumes

The system now restores the logical volumes in the same order they were originally created in, resulting in the paths lining up properly.

Solved Issue with Bare-Metal Restore from an Encrypted Disk Safe

The system can now perform a successful Bare-Metal Restore from an encrypted Disk Safe to the original Host.

Solved Issue with Restoring a Drive

An entire disk can now be restored in alternate location without problems.

Installation and Upgrade

Using a PowerShell script, users can automate Install and Update functions on CDP Editions for Windows.

CDP Server License validation waits for 3 days without needing to connect to the R1Soft License Server. Policies can be performed without problems during this time, and the log does not report the license key as invalid.

lvm.static is now the 64-bit version. Therefore, users can now run a purely 64-bit environment.

Solved Issue with CDP Server Upgrade Causing Users to Lose Agent Assignments

Agent assignments are not removed after the upgrade.

Solved Issue with CDP Server Not Starting After Upgrade

After an upgrade on Debian-based distribution, the CDP Server now starts without problems.

Solved Issue with Auto-Start not Working under Debian

Both the Agent and Server are now auto-started after a reboot and upgrade on Debian. The Agent will auto-start upon a fresh install if the module exists.

Solved Issue with Agent Uninstall Breaking VSS

CDP Agent uninstalls cleanly, leaving VSS in a working state.

Solved Issue with Restarting Agent

When executing /etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart, the init script now starts the Agent correctly.

Control Panel Add-on

Support of Custom Control Panels

There is a new option that accepts custom control panel scripts. Read more here:

New Control Panel Type - Linux Parallels H-Sphere

The system supports H-Sphere 3.x and higher. Read more in CDP for Hosting Control Panels.

Control Panel Add-On - Solved Issue of Duplicated Parallels Plesk Panel User Directories

4.0 Parallels Plesk Panel (PP) User Directories are no longer duplicated in the Recovery Points when logged in as a PP user.

Control Panel Add-On - Solved Issue of Wrong Path in Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

While running the Data Protection Policy, the system now looks for the correct PVC path, /vz/private/159/root/.

Control Panel Add-On - Solved Issue with Bandwidth File

A user has a Policy with a DirectAdmin Control Panel instance created. The Policy task now finishes without alerts when a bandwidth is created in the user's directory.

Control Panel Add-On - Solved Issue with Adding a New cPanel User During the Replication

A new logging feature called "Verification Log Level" was added under "Advanced Options" to change the logging level of these types of errors. If you frequently add cPanel users, set the log level to "Warning" or "None" so your tasks do not get alerts.

Control Panel Add-On - Solved Issue with "Download File List"

Once a Control Panel user restores files using the "Restore to Agent" function, the "Download File List" option provides a correct text file.

Database Add-on

Exchange Functional Backup and Restore

A new "Exchange" tab is available in the Policy window. A new "Exchange" tab can be found in the "Task History." For the Recovery Points, there is a new "Exchange" action.
Read more here: Protecting Exchange.

Exchange Backup Verify

Users can use the "Verify" function to verify Exchange instances on Policy. Read more here: Configuring an Exchange Instance.

Multi-threaded MySQL Restore

The MySQL database restore option is improved by using multiple threads to restore tables simultaneously. CDP can use four (4) threads not configurable by users. CDP auto-scales to the number of available connections. See Multi-Threaded MySQL Restore.

Support of MySQL MariaDB and Percona Server

The system now supports MariaDB and Percona Server. Read more in Protecting MySQL.


API - Solved Issue with getStorageDiskByPath

Freebytes and devices are displayed correctly now.

API - Solved Issue with createPolicy

The system now verifies if all required parameters are specified by users when they use API methods.


Problem with Task History Clean up

The first time you run Task History Cleanup, it may fail with an error message: Could not remove TaskSchedule object for task and violation of foreign key constraint. The workaround is to re-run the Task History Cleanup after the first failed attempt in order to remove the remaining tasks. See Error - Could not Remove TaskSchedule Object for Task.

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