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CDP Functionality KB Articles
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Page: Error - Could Not Create Disk Safe Directory Page: Assigning Backups to a Different Disk Safe Page: Error - Could Not Start Snapshot Page: Error - Caused by Java SQL SQLException Database Is Locked Page: Error - AGENT Unable to Set Default Name Check Option Page: Using Two Policies per Agent Page: Adding Another Drive to the Server Disk Usage Page: Backing up Individual Files Page: Error - Location Does Not Contain a Valid Disk Safe Page: Error - Java Heap Space out of Memory Page: Error - Replications fail with - Win32 call GetVolumePathNameW - The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. Page: How VSS Is Used By CDP Page: How much space does VSS need to create and maintain a snapshot? Page: Linux Agent - Enable Debug mode Page: How to view a Microsoft VSS snapshot in Windows File Explorer Page: The storage cache reported an error reading the native disk Page: Why is the initial replication taking more space than expected? Page: Finding Old kernel-devel Packages For CentOS Page: Verifying VSS Works Correctly Page: How to change the location of the backing file in a replication policy. (Linux Agents) Page: Problem encountered when a Disk Safe is on a Device that is completely full ( 0 bytes available ) Page: Installing Virtuozzo Kernel Headers Page: Creating a Unique Partition ID with r1soft-partid Page: CDP Linux Agent and custom kernel driver version Page: Activating the Volume Menu in CDP 4.0 Page: High CPU Usage on CDP Server caused by Linux Kernel Leap Second Bug Page: Multi Volume Shadow Copy with Windows Agents Page: Migrating a CDP Server Installation to a Larger Server Page: Error - Could not start SQLWriter service Unable to open service handle The specified service does not exist as an installed service Page: Resetting Data Center Console (DCC) Password in Linux Page: Resetting Data Center Console (DCC) Password in Windows Page: Building a replication driver for openSUSE Page: Database Disk Image Malformed Page: Known Issues affecting upgrades to Server Backup Manager 5.6.x (post release) Page: Upgrade to v5.12.1 results in an "untrusted" SSL connection when a trusted certificate was used Page: Error - Linux cdp agent fails with "Floating Point Exception" Page: Error - Referential integrity constraint violation Page: Tool for MySQL Data Migration from 5.14.3 build 428 Page: Accessing Task History in SBM 6.2.1 Page: UUID and R1Soft Page: insmod ERROR - could not insert module - Operation not permitted Page: Building a Linux kernel module without an internet connection Page: Backup Manager fails to start with INFO - Storage Cache Service starting Page: How to start the Backup Manager with all disk safes closed Page: Adding a new protected machine results in a blank screen Page: How To - No Backup in X Number of Days Report Page: How To - Direct Backup Manager logging to syslog Page: How To - Download Protected Machine logs to the Backup Manager Page: How To - Restore the Server Backup Manager H2 Database from backup Page: How to change the Remote Replication Target Disk Safe ID Page: How To - Change the agent network connection timeout Page: Remote Replication Failure - Error getting list of available devices from agent Page: failed to fetch the default request function for device. unable to set request function for device Page: zk-web messages in SBM log after install or upgrade Page: How to register the R1Soft Linux kernel module for secure boot Page: UEFI enabled server fails to boot after BMR